Stuff about me which I have to live with


Me? I’m just like you, probably.

A few facts first.

I’m almost middle-aged, apparantly.

I live in Somerset in England, an astoundingly beautiful part of Great Britain.

I have an exceptionally broad local accent which causes much hilarity when people first meet me. Personally I hate it, but I’ve accepted that no amount of elocution will ever increase my use of hard consonants. Oh ah seems I’m stuck with it me luvver.

I am an accidental expert in raising an age-gap family, due to the rather ridiculous gap of fifteen years I have between my eldest and youngest child. I have 4 children, mostly boys. I have raised these children largely alone. Go me! (pass the wine please)

I have lost 3 (yes three) fathers. Losing one would be sad, two would be tragic, but losing three, well that’s just bloody careless frankly.  Rather conflictingly I managed to get through my entire childhood without a father being present. Work that one out if you can.

I died once, for a few minutes. A car parked itself on my head without permission. It stayed there for the best part of an hour while emergency services decided how to get it off. Thankfully they did, but I have emerged with an entirely different viewpoint on the world and increasingly opinionated vocality. Lucky you.

My name is Eliza Stark, and I’m an almost middle aged person of the female variety currently residing in the UK. Mostly I’m just normal, although this definition is almost certainly open to interpretation.

I’m not some jumped up celebrity spewing out their publicists weak opinions on topical issues across social media in some sycophantic way to a battalion of brainless fans, neither am I a privileged middle-class overpaid trashpaper columnist who has probably never ventured inside a Wetherspoons for a spot of lunch in their entire life. I don’t have a second home in France, and I’ve never even stepped foot on a yacht.

I am merely someone who winces every time the chancellor of the exchequer comes up with his crunched numbers, wondering whether this will be the budget which makes it impossible for me to keep the electricity connected. I am someone who despairs at the hideous disparity between rich and poor, someone who rolls their eyes in disbelief when the people who make decisions regarding the welfare of the very neediest citizens have to consult a crib sheet in order to know how much a loaf of bread and a pint of milk costs.

I am also someone who sneers in disgust at each new scandal which is uncovered, who seethes at hypocrisy and feels nauseous at those who habitually cover such things up.

I also get wound up by the exploitative nature of social media, the vulnerable being scammed and abused, the innocent being mistreated and the abundant liars frequently becoming wealthier as a consequence. I am outspoken and opinionated, and occasionally expletives slip out of my mouth before I get a chance to stop them. That can be a bloody nuisance at times, and has gotten me into all sorts of trouble historically.

So as I said, I’m just like you. Probably.

For many years I have vented my spleen quietly and regularly, in my own way across various platforms, sometimes as myself and sometimes incognito, and I have engaged in some lively debates, made some excellent like-minded friends and also a few arch enemies thrown into the bargain. I have decided to bring all my rantings here into one place, mostly for my own benefit (because writing it down here gets it off my chest and will probably save me from being banned from some of my favourite forums!), and I may even also share writings and videos from others who I agree with. But I’ve also put this blog together so that anyone who may wish to challenge me can do so. I believe that free debate, when done properly, teaches us things and can give a wider viewpoint, so please feel free to correct me if you think I’m being a bit of a tosser.



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